Workplace Violence Incident Training

Course outline

  • Facility / Processes Vulnerability Findings
  • The Chronology of a Lethal Event
  • Priority of Life Scale
  • The 3 D’s of Denial, Deliberation, Decisive Actions
  • Employee Empowerment Through Life Saving Decisions
  • Psychology of the Incident
  • Physiology of the Incident
  • Normalcy Bias
  • Evacuate / Fortify / Empower
  • OODA Loop Concepts
  • Self Aid / Buddy Aid

Time allocation for classroom instruction?

This course is a one day training program for a total of 8 hours including two breaks and appropriate time for lunch.

Intended audience?

All employees, managers and especially HR personnel.

Who will be my instructor?

Your instructor will be Mr. Jeremy Finkenbinder assisted by Mr. Corey Clarkson.

What is the student cost?

Typically student cost for this one day training event is $150 per person.

How to register?

Call Corey Clarkson at 303-332-9644 to get get things started.