Workplace Incident De-escalation Training

Course outline

  • Proactive measures to prevent potential employee conflict.
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal indicators of a potential threat.
  • Recognizing conflict escalation indicators.
  • Understanding your own psychology/physiology.
  • Interpreting physical postures of potential assailant.
  • Becoming a better listener in a highly threatened situation.
  • Pre-planning, prevention and communication strategies.
  • Knowing what NOT to do in a potential crisis situation.

Time allocation for classroom instruction?

This classroom training course is a jam packed 4 hours including reality based technique training and practice sessions.

Intended audience?

This training class is ideally suited for Human Resources personnel, managers/supervisors and front office staff that have contact with the public.

Who will be my instructor?

You are likely to have both Corey Clarkson and Jeremy Finkenbinder as your consultants. Between both of these security expert consultants is 30 years of experience to help your organization.

What is the student cost?

Cost per student at your facility is $200.

How to register?

Call Corey Clarkson at 303-332-9644 to get things started.