Vulnerability & Threat Assessment

Assessment Scope

  • Provide a thorough walkthrough of your interior office space to understand escape zones / safe zones.
  • Conduct compliance audits against security provisions or mandates [if any] required by your industry.
  • Develop a demographic analysis of the criminal activity in the immediate locale.
  • Evaluate the use of electronic security and surveillance systems and their applicability when compared to best practices and identified threats.
  • Review your physical security policy and procedural documents in relation to best practices and industry standards.
  • Review and analyze the use of personnel for security purposes at client locations, determining best practice options for a balanced approach to staff hours and available security measures.
  • Review your organizations's protocols and plan of action for a potential lethal work place incident.

Consulting engagement logistics?

We typically spend a full day at your place of business, reviewing one by one, items on our critical threat and vulnerability checklist. In addition we meet firsthand with your key managers and employees in order to assess potential threats and vulnerabilities in your office facility.

What will the assessment provide?

When our onsite assessment and analysis is completed we will be prepared within two weeks to present to your Executive Leadership team the following interactive review:

  • A thorough facility vulnerability/threat assessment review.
  • A detailed review of employee safety and security processes.
  • Identify sustainable training requirements for all employees in the event of a lethal work place incident.
  • Review of additional threat de-escalation training options for managers.
  • Q & A Session

Who will be my consultant?

You are likely to have both Corey Clarkson and Jeremy Finkenbinder as your consultants. Between both of these security expert consultants is 30 years of experience to help your organization.

What is the cost?

The cost can vary depending on the size of your facility.  Please contact Tekton Safety Consulting so we can provide you a final cost projection.

How to initiate a Vulnerability & Threat Assessment?

Call Corey Clarkson at 303-332-9644 to get things started.