Customer Preferred Custom Training

Course Outline

Working with you, we can provide recommendations that lead to a completely customized training course for your team.

Course Length

Its up to you.  However, we strongly advise to compliment your custom training we provide instruction for the  competencies associated with Physiology, Psychology of and Incident in addition to the 3 "D"s.


The requirements for all of our courses are minimal.  After meeting with your training facility we can mutually agree on requirements if any.

Who will be my instructor?

You are likely to have both Corey Clarkson and Jeremy Finkenbinder as your consultants. Between both of these security expert consultants is 30 years of experience to help your organization.

What is the student cost?

Cost can be determined based on content, number of students and other factors that will make your custom training a success.

How to Register?

Contact Corey Clarkson at 303-332-9644 to get things started.